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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sailing the Ocean Blue - Part 2

Anticipation. They say that's half the enjoyment of the vacation. Vacations generally go very quickly, so anticipation is used to "extend" the vacation. Melissa and I signed up for this cruise in July. At the time, it seemed so far away. Anticipation was not a factor. This week, anticipation is a major factor, as the countdown has reached 10 days. Next week, although I am traveling to Cheyenne for meetings Monday through Wednesday, in my mind, I will already be on vacation. Just thinking about warm weather, blue ocean, and fruity drinks with umbrellas puts me at ease and induces an amazing calmness. It creates a warm, peaceful feeling, one that correlates to an immense joy of life. Isn't that what it's all about? Life is truly what you make it. Making memories, reliving memories of the past, visualizing the good things in your life. The vacations that I have been on in my life play a major role in my memories, in my enjoyment of life. Every new vacation adds another chapter that I can look back on and enjoy. I have no doubt that this one will provide wonderful memories that will allow me to enjoy life even more. Memories are already being created as I await departure. Anticipation. What a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Cubicle basketball and other work distractions

For about 4-5 months, my office is the great outdoors, more specifically, the creeks, streams and rivers of western Wyoming. For the remainder of the year, I am a cubicle rat. That will change when we move into our new building, which has been promised for years now, but may actually be coming to fruition by the end of 2005. When that happens, I will have an actual office with four walls and a door. Oh, the glory. But for now, I share a large room, separated from a fellow coworker by a single partition. Since I obviously prefer to be working outside, the cubicle can get a bit claustrophobic at times. To deal with this, I and my office mate have surrounded ourselves with distractions. One is the suction cup basketball hoop, courtesy of the dollar store across the street. Taking a few shots (of basketball, not alcohol) clears the mind (although alcohol is more effective). Plus, the hoop can aid in decision making. For example, "If I make this shot, I'll finish the report I'm working on. If I don't, I'll surf the internet." Another distraction is the dry erase board. Earlier this summer, the board served as the creative grounds for the development of a 27-hole golf course. Nearly everyone in the office wanted to design a hole after my cubicle mate and I got it started. It is amazing how creative people can get when they are trying to avoid doing real work. The newest invention is the Northern Alliance Hockey League (NAHL) for those of us who need some hockey to follow. The NAHL is comprised of 10 fictional teams from Canada and northern hockey-hungry U.S. states. They have been given unique names with artistic logos (again, creative juices were flowing). Two divisions were developed, and using two dice to determine scores, teams have been pitted against each other. If only we knew how to make a website, this thing could really take off! I'm pulling for the Sheboygan Fighting Blue Beavers personally, but the Yellowknife Blades and Saskatoon Icemen have jumped out to an early lead. Finally, what better distraction is there than writing about distractions? Blogs are wonderful for writing about whatever the hell you want to write about. Hmm. I hear my boss coming. Better get back to work.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sailing the Ocean Blue - Part 1

For those of you who I haven't excitedly informed, Melissa and I will be taking a cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico in a few weeks. To be exact, we are heading down to New Orleans to stay with her parents on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The cruise departs on Monday afternoon and gets back Friday evening. There will be a lot of "firsts" for me this vacation. I have never been to New Orleans, never been on a cruise, and never been to Mexico (except for a quick jaunt down to Tijuana with the fam during a trip to La La land). The anticipation of the trip is certainly mounting. The packing list started a week ago to ensure that I will not forget a single thing (yeah right). New swimsuits have been purchased. I'm trying to lose those last few pounds so as not to embarass myself in said swimsuits. Countdown is at 18 days. Count on hearing more on this subject in the days to come as I can barely contain myself!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Fallout

Well, it's practically over. It looks like Bush will be around for another four years. The only thing I'll say about that is at least he HAS to leave in four years. Let's hope the country isn't too screwed up by then. Regardless of who ends up officially winning, another election year is closing. Actually, it's been more like a year and a half. It seems like campaigning starts earlier and earlier with every election. Expect to start hearing about the 2008 election in, oh, about two years.

Election day is sort of like a twisted Christmas. You know how you look forward to Christmas, and the buildup is really intense, especially the last week or two? Then, the day after is kind of a downer. You have New Years to look forward to, but after that, nothing. Election day is similar. There is a lot of debate and office conversations around the water cooler about the candidates and who is going to win. It becomes the dominant topic of conversation, especially within a week or two of the election. Then, the day after comes. What are we going to talk about now? Election day and Christmas...very similar, but Santa better redeem himself on December 25.

Monday, November 01, 2004

It's Your Civic Duty

It's here. Time to pick a president, among many other national and local offices. Regardless of your political leanings, it is your civic duty to vote. It is embarassing how low the voter turnout is in America. We are supposed to be the model of democracy, yet we struggle to get 50% of eligible voters to come to the polls. Yet everyone seems to have a political opinion, one way or the other. Where are these people on election day? I live in a state where the electoral votes always go to the Republican candidate, always. Yet, I will still proudly cast my vote, whether it makes a difference or not. I feel like I do not have the right to bitch about the outcome if I don't participate. Anyway, I'll step down from my soap box. Please vote tomorrow, so you can have the right to bitch!